• This community has been developed to assist in forging ahead in the development of partnerships and communications.
  • Wood Energy is an ongoing issue for Insurance, Real Estate and Fire Service professionals alike.  In 2010, CAN B365 completely updated the code we have used for years. In doing so, the numbering of the clauses has changed and the standard references we have been using are no longer accurate. 

    This course has  been developed to assist in answering some of the questions recurring with wood energy and provide the professionals with the tools and resources to meet and manage the the issues surrounding wood energy.


  • Human Communication Management in the Age of Information

    This course will provide students with a perspective of the influence that Mass Media has on influencing our human behavior and impacting our business and life experiences. It will develop a competitive edge to critical thinking skills and improve your ability to understand the psychology and sociology of our conversations. It will encourage students to do more than be a good listener and consequently create an awareness of the human dynamic that plays a critical role that determine positive results in both technological communication and face to face communication.
    This course provides the student with opportunities for coaching, consulting and feedback dialogue with the instructor and fellow students as well as critical analysis through case studies and exercises to stimulate creativity and focusing on the role that human communication plays in everyday life.
  • This interactive course encourages students to debate issues related to global warming and to develop skills in innovative thinking, research, political awareness, ethical reasoning, debating, and communicating orally and in writing. Students will develop an awareness of the current scientific certainties in global warming versus what is not certain.

  • In this learning object you will learn how to efficiently problem solve by completing the lesson modules and activities.